Receptionist Career Description

Receptionists are needed in almost all types of firms. The job responsibility of a receptionist involves being an interface of the company for the visitors coming in the firm, listening to their concerns or queries, and answering them appropriate. They mainly handle the paperwork of records to note the people checking in the firm and directing them towards appropriate authorities. Candidates who want to become receptionists should possess a minimum educational qualification of graduation in any stream. A few years of experience help the candidates to strengthen their candidature for the position. A receptionist should have a pleasing attitude and maintain a calm composure while facing the visitors. They should provide them necessary assistance and appropriately guide them toward the right departments of the firm.

Receptionist Job Career Description

  • A receptionist is mainly responsible for maintaining good relationship with visitors. They form the initial impression of the firm in the minds of the visitors.
  • A receptionist should maintain a list of incoming people. This is useful to track the number of visitors who are inside the firm at any point of time.
  • It is also necessary for the receptionist to give access to the authorities if the visitors have the necessary permission.
  • A receptionist should also provide timings and give information to them to prevent them to visit restricted areas. Receptionists must ensure that the privacy and the security of the firm is not compromised.

Receptionist Career Salary

Candidates who are trained to become receptionists will find no dearth of opportunities if they possess a minimum education. Candidates who possess at least 1-4 years of experience as a receptionist will be preferred. Opportunities to work as receptionist can be found in law firm or law offices, hair salon centres, auto or car dealership firms, insurance offices, or any other centres. According to the estimates by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a receptionist can range from $17,000 to $34,000 with the median salary being $25,000 annually.