Retail Job Duties

Merchandise retailing can be done online or off and the position for the retail merchant encompasses from sales representatives, shop floor sales clerks to sales and store managers.  With direct interface with end-user customers, they are basically responsible for implementing promotions and moving products and services to their target markets.  They are employed in small boutique shops, car dealers and malls as well as insurance and real estate companies.  Service retail include software sales, financial services and outsourcing agents.

Job Duties

  • Provide consultative services on the store front fro customer inquiries during shopping hours.
  • Move retail inventories to meet sales quotas and targets for the period.
  • Create peer pressure for new sales forces to perform and meet retail sales targets or quotas.
  • Assist graphic store designers in implementing new window motifs for specific shopping holidays and occasions.
  • Participate in store programs for staff motivation, town hall meetings and other staff bonding activities that can improve shop floor productivity.
  • Entertain customer inquiries and provide after sales support for online sales.
  • Keep abreast with sales trends about the products or services you sell and those of the competition.
  • Assist customers in testing the merchandise and explaining the features present in the products or services being retailed.
  • Create a lasting positive impression on the store customer by showing professionalism in addressing their concerns and presenting the solutions that can address their needs.
  • Participate in store initiatives to improve work flows and procedures to ensure that inventories are accessed without letting customers wait.