Human Resources Job Duties

Recruiting the best talents, knowing where to tap them and ensuring they remain happy in the company is the responsibility of Human Resource professionals.  They announce job vacancies, define the salary hierarchy, administer benefits, implement career development, address morale issues, implement corporate policies, sponsor corporate events and do the unwanted task of severing or terminating non-performing employees while providing severance pay packages.

Job Duties

  • Design, develop and implement approved HR programs to improve careers and generally improve productivity and efficiency levels of the company’s workforce.
  • Tap into head hunters and sources of labor to get the best pool of talents of the specific jobs the company requires.
  • Design screening exams and other processed to filter out the most viable candidates for consideration.
  • Perform initial screening interviews with subsequent interviews with the specific offices and department heads to which the applicant wants to be hired.
  • Design the interview and scoring methodology in gauging applicant suitability for the job.
  • Ensure that all state and federal employment regulations are complied with including licensing requirements.
  • Conduct employment orientation for new hires and prepare the distribution of briefing materials to initiate discussion on employee relations policies, disciplinary rules, benefits administration and employee reward and recognition programs.
  • Process IDs, security badges in coordination with the security department, make travel arrangements if to be assigned in another city or branch and issue uniforms and laptops, cellphones or cars as required in the job.
  • Maintain complete employee 201 records manually or ensure they are updated in the company’s automated HR systems.