Project Manager Job Duties

Project management discipline can be applied to any undertaking in just about every industry. This can be as simply as a product launching project, IT projects, BPO projects to complex construction products.  Movie making can be considered one complex multi-disciplinary project.  Even creating a business or an affiliate is a project.  Any undertaking that require finite resources, people and time constraints to be completed is a project and you need to manage the undertaking with the same project management skills.  And regardless of what these projects are, the project manager has the duty and responsibility to perform basic project management tasks.

Job Duties

  • Be clear about the project objective and the measure of progress that needs to be observed at specific project landmarks towards completing it.
  • Ensure you have the right people for the project.
  • Define the resources in manpower, logistics and support materials you will to complete the project within the prescribed budget
  • Use PERT/CPM or similar progress tracking method to ensure that your meet the objectives and complete the project within agreed timelines.
  • Define the measurable landmark objectives to gauge your progress.
  • Track all expenses incurred by each project team member and make a thorough reporting to the proper corporate officials.
  • Track all resources including time keeping functions to ensure that you have the right resources to accomplish the day’s project tasks to meet deadlines.
  • Attend regular and ad hoc project status meetings with project owners or principals and any stakeholder to report on the progress and where you stand in the project timeline.