Sales Coordinator Career Description

A Sales coordinator works towards aligning the marketing strategies of the organization with its sales strategies and driving the sales of the organization according to the expectations of the higher management. Candidates who want to become Sales coordinators should have good sales skills, communication skills, and organizing skills to coordinate various sales activities of the firm. Candidates who have done their master in business administration with specialisation in marketing are generally preferred for the role. A few years of work experience strengthens the candidature of the applicant. Candidates who wish to become Sales coordinators should have worked as interns or in apprenticeships with reputed firms to gain hands on experience.

Sales Coordinator Job Career Description

  • A Sales coordinator is assigned the role of establishing a strategic fit of the organizational strategies with the sales strategies of the firm.
  • They are effective in creating long term relationships with existing and prospective customers and creating a loyal customer base of the firm.
  • They collect reports from different sales departments and analyse them. They suggest useful modifications in the sales strategies of the firm so that the sales reports can be improved.
  • A Sales coordinator helps to create a pleasing environment and rapport between the sales team and the other departments, particularly other marketing teams like advertising, communication, etc.

Sales Coordinator Career Salary

Candidates who are trained to become Sales coordinators can find no shortage of job opportunities if they possess the relevant education and experience. Prospective candidates are expected to have sales skills, general marketing skills, and coordination skills. According to the salary estimates by Pay Scale, the salary of a Sales coordinator can vary between $23,000 and $49,000 per year with the average salary being $34,000 per year. Popular industries that have openings for Sales coordinators are hotels, manufacturing and distribution, software development, retail, wholesale distribution, insurance, etc.