Sales Manager Career Description

A sales manager is allocated the responsibility of carrying out the sales activities in the firm and enhancing the sales of a department or of a product or business line. The sales manager performs the pivotal role of linking the sales heads like sales directors, etc with the sales persons who work on the field and interact with customer to undertake sales transactions. So the sales strategies that are formulated by the higher management needs to be communicated to the execution team i.e., the sales persons. The sales manager should keep the sales team motivated and assist them in achieving their targets. A sales manager should allocate the targets of the sales departments within each team member and train them well to carry out their job responsibilities well.

Sales Manager Job Career Description

  • A sales manager is assigned the role of managing the sales activities of a team and guided the sales persons to manage their targets.
  • A sales manager should train the sales staff and evaluate their performances against the targets allocated.
  • A sales manager should have good managerial skills so as to allocate targets and achieve them by creating learning and developing atmosphere at the workplace.
  • Sales managers also must ensure that any sales strategies undertaken like free trails, samples, discounts, etc do not harm the overall revenue and pricing of the products. These short team sales strategies create an expectation in the minds of the customers and harm the brand image too.

Sales Manager Career Salary

Candidates who want to become Sales managers will find no dearth of opportunities as employers of every sector are always on the lookout for good prospective Sales managers. The candidates who want to apply for the position of a Sales manager should have master in marketing management and an experience of at least 4-6 years. Lot of job openings can be found in the fields of hotels, retail firms, manufacturing and distribution firms, departmental stores, alcohol industry, and many more. According to the salary estimates brought up by Pay Scale and released through the National Salary data, the annual compensation of a Sales manager can lie anywhere between $35,000 to $113,000 with the median salary being about $76,000 per year.