A sales job specification is an overview of an offered sales designation, which helps the interested candidates to apply for the suitable job after exploring the job criteria. A sales job specification mentions the needed sales experience, skills to handle clerical as well as confidential sales agreements and ability to survive the offered sales duties. Such a specification leads a job seeker in a right direction to shape his candidature. A sales job specification is drafted differently by considering the concerned sales job profile.

Types of sales job specifications:

  • Sales Associate job specification
  • Sales coordinator job specification
  • Sales director job specification
  • Sales & marketing executive job specification

Following written steps must be considered for drafting an impressive sales job specification:

  • Figure out the essential factors which should be mentioned in a sales job specification to make it more informative.
  • State the needed sales experience such as handling potential clients, developing sales & marketing plans, knowledge of company administrator & sales records.
  • Mention the required skills needed to excel in this field of work such as such as excellent communication & interpersonal skills, negotiation abilities, effective management & leadership capabilities and proficient computer knowledge, etc.
  • The sales job specification should also mention about the minimum educational qualifications that a candidate should possess.

Sales Director Job Specification

Sales Manager Job Specification

Sales Coordinator Job Specification