Security Director Career Description

A Security director is responsible for managing the security infrastructure of an organization. A company can have varying security needs. It can range from security in maintaining inventory, security in having access to the production site, security in meeting the top management of a firm, security in entering the premises of the firm, etc. So the security director recruits and deploys the security personnel at various locations in the firm so that the company can build a distinct advantage in its processes and safeguard them from being known to its competitors. Candidates who want to become security directors do not have a fixed criterion for education requirement. They can have graduation or post graduation degree in any field. But it is important that the candidate has a rich background of work experience in the field of security management.

Security Director Job Career Description

  • A security director is held responsible to make policies regarding the security that the company will follow and develop.
  • A security director hires able security personnel who are both accountable and responsible in their jobs, trains them, and deploys them at various locations. They are made known that security may be needed to be given 24*7 and hence it is to be done on a shift basis.
  • A security director resolves all concerns regarding the management of security and takes strict action against those personnel who are caught taking their role irresponsibly or being involved in stealth or data compromise.

Security Director Career Salary

Candidates who want to become Security Directors can find many opportunities in the fields of Security services, hotels, law enforcement, financial services, etc. A minimum work experience of 8-10 years will be preferred. According to the salary estimates of the National Salary data released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a Security Director can be anywhere between $29,000 to $149,000 with the median salary being $80,000 per year. Candidates need not possess any mandatory education for need to be in the field of security services and gain rich expertise.