Security manager Career Description

A security manager is the main person who connects the security top management like the security director and the lower level security personnel. A security manager takes direction regarding the security policies of the firm from the security director and translates them to security documents, rules, and regulations to be followed by security personnel, employees, customers, visitors, etc. Candidates who want to become security managers should have good knowledge in the field of security. This can be gained by possessing a few years of experience in the field. The role of a security manager is essential as he supervises the work being done by other security personnel and handles day-to-day issues.

Security manager Job Career Description

  • A security manager has to be equipped with all the skills necessary like security management, personnel supervision, review of the security personnel performance, etc.
  • A security manager reports to a security director or the security head and communicates all the security related policies to security professionals, employees, visitors, etc.
  • A security manager should periodically review the performance of the security personnel. He should also conduct surprise checks so that any aberration from the set rules can be caught and he can take strict action against those security professionals.
  • The main aim of a security manager is to protect the privacy of various departments and limiting the access of outsiders from obtaining inside information.

Security manager Career Salary

Candidates who wish to become Security managers should possess a minimum educational qualification of high school or Bachelor’s degree. Job openings for the position of Security manager can be found in fields of security guard services, health care, hotels, military or armed forces, etc. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data released by Pay Scale, the salary of a Security manager can range between $30,000 and $93,000 per year. The median salary is approximately $64,000 per year.