Telemarketing manager Career Description

A Telemarketing manager has a very challenging role to guide a team of telemarketers into achieving the targeted sales of the organization. A major part of their compensation comprises of the variable component that depends on the number of customers acquired. A few years of telemarketing experience with superior performance can make a candidate skilled and eligible for the job of a telemarketing manager. They need to provide training to the team, motivate them to make telemarketing calls to the customers and convince them to buy the products or services of the firm, and ultimately achieve individual sales targets. They also conduct recruitment and selection processes to choose able telemarketers.

Telemarketing manager Job Career Description

  • Telemarketing managers are given sales targets by the top management of the firm to achieve in the team as a whole.
  • Telemarketing managers in turn assign the team targets among various team members depending on their qualification, experience, and capabilities.
  • To achieve individual targets, they are initially trained on the job for about a few weeks and the given different targets to achieve based on their level of performance.
  • Telemarketing managers monitor the individual performance on a time to time basis and try to inspire and motivate them to aim for higher targets.
  • Candidates with qualification in MBA with marketing as specialisation are most preferable for the role of a telemarketing manager.

Telemarketing manager Career Salary

Telemarketing jobs are available in every industry. Popular among them where candidates can search for a role of telemarketing manager are telemarketing companies, marketing firms, advertising firms, media management firms, financial services sector, software services sector, etc among many others. According to the salary research conducted by Pay Scale in the US, the annual compensation of a telemarketing manager came to around $22,000 to $60,000 with the average salary being $40,000 per year.