Teller Job Duties

The tellering job is most often seen in banks but can also be harnessed in various financial institutions which include insurance firms and credit unions where the position requires a direct interface with customers to receive loan repayments, membership dues, issuing claims checks or selling financial products.  Whether for banks or elsewhere the basic teller job duties have remained the same.

Job Duties

  • Learn to use the tellering account systems for processing customer transactions.
  • Accept and processes account deposits for active clients and updates the company’s records accordingly as well as the passbooks of the client.
  • Encash and process checks and withdrawals within approved cash limits and verifies signature authenticity and client identification prior to encasement.
  • Accept and process loan payments, safety deposit payments; redeem  Savings Bonds and assists fellow tellers with tellering fund shortages if in excess.
  • Maintain daily cash levels necessary to operate as teller windows.
  • Report daily teller transactions according to established tellering standard procedures of the institution.
  • Participate in work productivity improvement programs and respond positively to appraisals conducted by management.
  • Provide a friendly and warm face to the customer amidst the perceived cold banking atmospheres while establishing quality customer service environment.
  • Undergo customer focus training workshops to elevate importance of customer service in tellering functions.
  • Mentor fresh hires into the tellering function to hasten their learning curve.
  • Conform to audit checks and control in the teller area including monthly audits.
  • Promote self-service delivery such as ATMs among clients to reduce tellering load in the bank for routine balance inquiry and withdrawals.