Registered Nurse Job Duties

Perennially on high demand, registered nurses have the unenviable responsibility to assist doctors and surgeons in their treatment of ailments as well as providing services to maintain the proper heath of patients in the hospitals, clinics and health care centers as well as the military and government social work centers across the country.

Job Duties

  • Assist the doctor or surgeon as prescribed and defined in the standard hospital procedures in any complex treatment or surgical procedures done one patients.
  • Administer anesthesia and monitor levels intraoperatively in patients undergoing surgery, if trained as an anesthesiologist nurse.
  • Provide daily health progress report on post operative convalescing patients in the hospital.
  • Schedule lab test on patients are required to confirm diagnosis, interpret results and recommend treatment options to doctors.
  • Assist the doctor or conduct routine medical and physical exams.
  • Provide treatment for common ailments as well as counsel patients on proper health care and nutrition.
  • Assist obstetrician-gynecologists in managing pregnant women about to deliver or pediatricians in handling children brought for treatment.
  • Assist surgeons in administering emergency surgery in trauma cases.
  • Provide health care at home for post-surgical patients as may be required.
  • Develop day to day health care plans and medication for the patients under their care such as schedule of IV replacement, phlebotomy, and administering medicines.
  • Perform tasks as may be delegated by doctors and surgeons with our without supervision that don’t their expert discernment especially if the nurse has been diligently observing and trained for the task.