Assistant buyer fashion Job Profile and Description

An assistant fashion buyer helps a fashion buyer to select clothes which comply with the target market and price range. By working as a team with other fashion buyers, he aids in finding and suggesting which clothes would fit the requirements of the store and appeal to the customers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fashion buyers need to communicate effectively within the team, as well as the clothing suppliers and manufacturers so as to avoid misunderstandings which are very crucial in the fashion industry
  • They work with the merchandising team, fashion designers and department managers to understand which products have the highest marketability and will bring profits for the company
  • They need to visualize the budget and how much they need to spend and earn
  • They must assist the fashion buyer by maintaining good relations with suppliers and retailers
  • They should ensure that the suppliers deliver the new stocks on time
  • Assistant fashion buyers must monitor the best-selling pieces in the stores and make sure consumers have access to them

Skills and Specifications

  • Communication skills are very important as assistant fashion buyers need to interact with both internal and external stakeholders
  • They must have good research skills and should be aware of the latest trends and use that knowledge to make purchases
  • They must have foresight to know which fashion styles would be a rage and help the store to stock up on those kind of products
  • They must be good with numbers and have analytical skills in order to make profitable purchases
  • Good negotiation skills also help in determining the right price for the products

Education and Qualifications

One can opt for a degree or diploma in fashion merchandising or could also get a Bachelor’s degree in commerce, business management, specialising in sales and marketing.