Creative director fashion Job Profile and Description

A creative director is involved with the creative aspects of a fashion shoot or show and gives inputs on how to make a photo shoot, article or programme more appealing to the consumer. He helps in highlighting the outfits or accessories created by the designer, thereby helping in the marketability of the product.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A creative director has to work with photographers, production crew etc and together they discuss how to bring out the best aspects of the products
  • He also has to interact with the designer in order to understand the clothes and its style
  • He must be aware of the demands and demographic details of the target audience and accordingly direct a shoot
  • He is also responsible for setting trends by experimenting with new looks and styles
  • He must regularly attend fashion shows, be up to date with other articles and programmes on fashion to know what the new trends in the world of fashion
  • If he works for a magazine, he needs to coordinate with the editorial team and create the issue keeping in mind the deadline

Skills and Specifications

  • A creative director must have imagination and should be willing to experiment
  • He should follow deadlines and have good communication skills to able to work with other departments
  • He must also be a good listener in order to understand the requirements of the client and open to suggestions from other people involved in the shoot
  • He must be versatile and be willing to work under pressure as any fashion production can be a long and strenuous process

Education and Qualifications

You can opt for a course in fashion designing and can also go for specialisation in a particular field according to choice. You may have to work with a designer to get the required experience.