Fashion photographer Job Profile and Description

Fashion photography is a branch of photography where one takes commercial pictures of models to create a portfolio, for a magazine or during a fashion show. It is a highly glamorized field which involves travelling to exotic locations for photo shoots and involves both creativity and technical expertise. It is the job of the photographer to make the clothing and accessories created by the designers look beautiful through his photos.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A fashion photographer takes photos of the models according to the client’s specifications
  • He should know technical details like how to work with studio lighting in order to highlight the best features of the models
  • He is responsible for boosting the morale of the models and must establish good working relationship with models so they feel at ease in front of the camera
  • He should use different props and back drafts to create the setting required for the shoot
  • Through these images, the photographer produces unique photo concepts that will attract consumers to these products
  • A photographer must work in coordination with fashion stylists, art directors and fashion editors

Skills and Specifications

  • A photographer must able to capture and maintain a certain mood for the shoot
  • Besides artistic ability, he must have knowledge of technical details and know photo editing applications to bring out the best pictures
  • He should have good communication skills in order to interact with the models and make them comfortable
  • He should be able to work with other departments and coordinate with art directors, agents and clients

Education and Qualifications

One need not have any specific degree for this job, but should rather have a good portfolio and experience. However, a course in photography with specialisation in fashion photography will give knowledge about technicalities that will aid in creating better images.