A customer service manager is responsible for ensuring the high level customer services for satisfying the customer’s queries, developing the creative customer policies, managing the customer service team and is focused on maintaining the organization code & conducts. A customer service manager should pose excellent communication & motivational skills, abilities to identify the issue scopes and confidence to handle the legitimate client issues. Closing the long term pending customer complaints, understanding the diverse customer needs and coordinating with the customer service team members are the major job responsibilities of a customer service manager.

Customer service manager job specifications:

  • Effective leadership skills to lead the customer service department by explaining the impressive methods to handle the customer companies.
  • Experience of planning, implementing and executing the customer satisfaction index to comply with the organisation’s rule & regulations.
  • Good problem solving skills to handle the dissatisfied customers and decision making abilities to answer the critical client queries.
  • Recruiting, training and helping the customer service team to educate them about the newly introduced products to deal with online customers.
  • Drafting the creative scripts emphasizing on the product specifications and instructing the team to answer according to the approved customer service scripts.
  • Involving in the legitimate customer issue from the company behalf and satisfying the customers by agreeing to the relevant customer complaints.
  • Initiating and implying the new organization standards to ensure the success rate of customer satisfaction index.
  • Communicating with the customers online, making phone calls and transmitting letters to fulfil their basic needs.
  • Preparing the monthly reports and staff performance incentive report for the timely submission.