A customer service director is responsible for the overall development of the customer service department by initiating the customer services surveys, improving & implementing the customer satisfaction strategies and pays attention on forming the new groups. This job designation is one of the most important job positions, which concentrates on the best benchmarking practices, handles the highly dissatisfied customer threatening to sue and formulates to develop the new customer service strategies, etc. Firm problem solving skills, team oriented ability and excellent management skills are the key qualities of a customer service director.

Customer Service Director Job Specifications:

  • Investigating and overseeing the legitimate cases submitted by the customers related to the price variance of products and poor services, etc.
  • Supervising the overall activities by checking & inspecting the weekly records and monthly reports submitted by the customer service department.
  • Talking to the high profile customers and maintaining a sound relationship with the industrial & corporate customers in terms of selling products & services.
  • Attending the monthly meetings with the team managers for discussing the performance of the individuals by estimating their achieved targets.
  • Taking the essential decisions of approving the list of new appointments and firing the inefficient candidates.
  • Analyzing the billing reports and pending collection or payments by reviewing the account reports of the customer service department.
  • Focusing on the customer service sales activities, checking the issued quotations, and processing the huge order.
  • Ability to maintain the customer confidentiality & aptitude to bring the transparency in sales & marketing customer services department and communicating with the government  entities to configure the existing customer service policies.