A customer service supervisor is responsible for handling the customer service department’s activities and coordinates with the management to assist the customer service department in achieving the assigned goals. He regulates the customer service department by monitoring the regular telephonic activities, evaluates the performance of individuals and issues the necessary instructions according to the approved management rules. Customer service supervisor must pose leadership and effective supervisory skills, knowledge of business & management principals and experience of preparing necessary documents. Therefore, a customer service supervisor plays an important role in the growth of customer service department.

Customer Service Supervisor Job Specifications:

  • Effective interpersonal skills to coordinate with the team manager, sales & marketing departments and concerned authorities to discuss the encountered customer service queries.
  • Planning, implementing and directing the new customer service programs and impressive scripts to educate the team.
  • Ability to handle the highly dissatisfied customers and to sort out their pending complaint by understanding the exact reason of the dissatisfaction.
  • Knowledge of processing the emergency operating procedures and confidence to suggest the accurate solutions to handle the urgent cases.
  • Talent to train the customer service team by organizing the training programs, seminars and workshops, etc.
  • Writing incentive reports, maintaining the customer satisfaction index and submitting the records to the team manager on time.
  • Suggesting the effective customer service polices & strategies to promote products for enhancing the sales of the organization.
  • Motivating the team to achieve the assigned targets by sorting their queries to deal the high profile customers.