Customer Service Manager Career Description

A customer service manager is primarily held responsible to supervise all the activities in the customer service department of a firm. He or she has to ensure that the resources are provided with all the skills that can make them adept at their jobs and perform them responsibly. A customer service manager also takes care that the customer complaints gets registered and resolved in the proper fashion and within the scheduled time. A customer service manager has to ensure that the most important department that ensures that the end customer of the organization is fully satisfied with the products and services of the firm is working productively and efficiently. He or she is also responsible to keep the brand image of the firm positive by managing the customer service department of the firm according to the customer expectations.

Customer Service Manager Job Career Description

  • A customer service manager makes the policy document on the goals of the customer service department.
  • A customer service manager is also responsible to create business processes that are to be complied with and followed by customer service executives.
  • He or she should conduct appraisal process of all the employees annually or semi annually to review their performance level, provide them incentives, or assist them in improving their performance.
  • The main aim of the customer service manager is to ensure customer satisfaction and lifting the brand image of the firm.
  • They review the number of customer calls taken, handled and not handled successfully.

Customer Service Manager Career Salary

Candidates who are aspiring become customer service managers find opportunities in wide variety of sectors like manufacturing and distribution, retail, wholesale distribution, information technology services, shipping, transportation, warehousing, logistics, printing companies, etc. Candidates are expected to have around 5-6 years of experience to become customer service managers. According to the salary estimates by the National Salary data by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a customer service manager is in the range $25,000 to $73,000 with the median compensation approximately $50,000 per year.