Department Store Manager Career Description

A Department store manager is the one who takes care of and supervises all the activities in a departmental store. The Department store manager is accountable to maintain the inventory in the store and ensure proper stock in and stock out of them. He should hire a team of people for the store and ensure that they know what they ought to do. The Department store manager should make sure that all the workers employed in the departmental store behave well and cordially with the visiting customers. The workers should also assist in buying and locating products which the customers want. Proper inventory control, minimising thefts from the departmental store, providing a good buying experience for the customer, and replenishing inventory on time are some of the critical responsibilities of a Department store manager.

Department Store Manager Job Career Description

  • There is no mandatory education requirement to become a Department store manager. Candidates should be responsible and accountable while performing their tasks and managing the team of people well.
  • The aim of the Department store manager should be to maximise sales and therefore the revenue of the firm.
  • The Department store manager should review the items bought and sold and the net revenues generated from the departmental store at the end of each day.
  • The Department store manager should produce revenue and sales reports at periodic intervals and present them in front of his supervisors and managers.

Department Store Manager Career Salary

Candidates who want to become department store manager can find many opportunities in various kinds of departmental stores of firms of different sectors. Candidates can search for job opportunities in retail stores, home improvement stores, retail grocery stores, etc. A minimum work experience of 1-4 years is preferred by employers for the position of a department store manager. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data and released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a department store manager is in the range $21,000 and $51,000 and the median salary is around $38,000 per year.