Retail Sales Associate Career Description

A retail sales associate is an important professional who works at the retail store. The main aim of the retail sales associate is to maximise the sales of the store by guiding the customers to find their products, giving them any additional information as required, and up selling supplementary products. For this, the candidates are expected to have good selling skills apart from knowledge of various products, their features, and their prices.  Candidates who have good communication skills have better ability to build a brief rapport with the customer while helping them make purchasing decisions. This helps create a bond and a long term relationship of the retail store with its customers and hence build a loyal customer base.

Retail Sales Associate Job Career Description

  • A retail sales associate should have good marketing skills and should know good sales tactics in order to improve the sales of the retail store.
  • A retail sales associate works as an interface of the firm with the customers. The customers not only need good products but also information about them and guidance for better products that can suit them. This is made easier by a retail sales associate.
  • Candidates who have done master in business administration in marketing and sales are generally preferred for the role of a retail sales associate.
  • Retail sales associate should also coordinate with the sales manager and workers employed in the retail store to ensure smooth flow of operations in the retail store.

Retail Sales Associate Career Salary

Candidates who want to become retail sales associates can find tremendous number of job opportunities in the fields of clothing, retail, departmental stores, retail consumer electronics, apparel stores, etc. Generally retail sales associate are paid an hourly wage. According to the salary studies conducted by Pay Scale, the hourly rate of a retail sales associate varies from $7.38 to $12.57. This translates to an annual compensation of about $15,000 to $30,000 assuming an eight hour a day work schedule.