Executive Assistant Job Duties

The job basically provides administrative and office management support for an executive typically a Vice President or the CEO/Chairman. An executive assistant is essentially an administrative assistant position attached to an executive and is often responsible to organize and manage office procedures, implement standards and directives as well as do coordination work among the various offices under the executive’s control.

Job Duties

  • Manage, prioritize and coordinate schedules for conference calls, inter-office meetings and seminars to ensure no conflicts and priority issues.
  • Plan and execute office events including arranging for logistic requirements in any meetings or office get-together events such as book meeting rooms and conferencing numbers, sending invites, arrange for AV facilities, order food and distribute meeting materials.
  • Collect and prepare audio visual presentation materials to be used in conferences.
  • Summarize reports, white papers, proposals submitted to the office as may be required;
  • Prepare office budgets and process executive expense reports;
  • Handle travel arrangements for executives overseas including all land transfers and hotel accommodations.
  • Manage event planning to include: celebrations, team building and morale events, and employee communication meetings as requested
  • Handle all people movement, confidential salary and benefit administration in coordination with the company HR Head in the area where the executive or officer has authority over.
  • Ensure that all corporate reports and correspondences coming in and out of the office are properly filed in the strictest confidence and security.
  • Perform administrative duties with the highest responsibility and selective confidentiality.
  • Communicate decisions, directives and policy changes to all concerned staff;
  • Serve as liaison between fellow executives and with clients, suppliers and business partners as required