Fashion buyer Job Profile and Description

A fashion buyer is in charge of buying clothes in order to sell them in a retail outlet. He must provide his customers with the latest and best products in a particular category in his store. Besides ordering the merchandise, the buyer must also take care of sales reports to help see the future trends in the market. The buyer can also be seen as a link between the suppliers and the shop’s management.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Make sure that the orders placed by you are being fulfilled and delivered properly on time

  • You need to understand the past, present and predict the future trends of fashion and how these are connected to the present market where you are trying to sell
  • You must try to understand what your clients want and accordingly arrange for those fashion apparel, becoming the face of the store you work for
  • You also need to attend fashion shows, industry conventions, meet designers and read and watch all the major fashion publications and programmes to stay informed

Skills and Specifications

  • A fashion buyer must have good negotiation skills in order to get the best deal in the best price
  • He must have good communication skills and should regularly interact with suppliers and designers
  • He must only have an interest in a fashion and a sense of style but also must be aware of the different aspects of the industry
  • Strong analytical skills also help determine how to attract customers to your store

Education and Qualifications

Design schools that offer degrees and diplomas specifically in fashion merchandising which teach about fashion buying and selling, besides focusing on the creative aspect. You could also go for a Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing would as it would improve your analytical and management skills.