HR Director Career Description

An HR Director has a critical role in every kind of organization. The demand for good HR directors is ever increasing with the kind of attrition rates that are seen in different sectors. A good HR director maintains a fine balance in his role of addressing employee concerns and ensuring the organizational standards and practices are maintained. The costs of the firm should be kept at a minimum by the administrative and HR professionals. HR directors should ensure that all employee grievances are resolved and their morale is kept well. Training and development programs, recruitment and selection activities, employee compensation and benefits, etc are to be managed by the HR Director.

HR Director Job Career Description

  • An HR Director formulates the HR policies of the organization and ensures that they are complied with by all employees and management.
  • HR directors have a critical role to develop learning and motivating culture in the organization so that employees get an encouraging ambience to contribute and develop.
  • They should ensure that the employees are paid in their due times and according to their compensation structures. Any employee grievances regarding wages, benefits, and increments are handled by the HR director.
  • An HR director is also an interface of the organization for the employee unions. He ensures that a friendly atmosphere prevails in their talks and all issues are resolved amicably.

HR Director Career Salary

Budding aspirants who want to become Human Resource (HR) directors should possess a master in business administration with specialisation in HR. The demand for HR directors is present in every field. Some of the industries where you will find many openings are health care, hotel and hospitality management, manufacturing and distribution, Information Technology services, and education sector. According to the salary estimates done by Pay Scale and released through National Salary data, the compensation of an HR director ranges from $44,000 to $132,000 per year with the median salary being $90,000 per year.