An IT manager is responsible for the development and overall maintenance of the computer machines & network, functions to handle the important IT projects and coordinates with the staff to accomplish the assigned targets. Planning & recommending the innovative techniques, accomplishing the new projects and overseeing the performance of the IT staff are some of the major job duties of an IT manager. An IT manager should pose excellent communication skills, hardware & software maintenance abilities and experience of handling computer system budgets, etc. Therefore, an IT manager plays an essential role to update the computer systems & networking tools and contributes in the success of the IT department.

IT Manager Job specifications:

  • Experience of controlling the computer system expenditures and knowledge of preparing budgets, including replacement expenses.
  • Effective leadership skills to motivate the team for better performance, attending weekly meetings with the team for explaining the IT project details and discussing the current project progress reports.
  • Excellent knowledge of troubleshooting the computer machines & networking devices in terms of hardware & software by conducting the available diagnose procedures.
  • Taking care of the data processing procedures and planning, implementation & executing the information technology operations.
  • Coordinating with the IT engineers, information technology personnel and contacting the suppliers for purchasing the required material within the time limits at affordable prices.
  • Ensuring the availability of the latest troubleshooting tools, equipments & apparatus and investigating the software programmes for keeping the IT department upgraded.
  • Managing the activities of the IT staff and preparing the performance reports for monthly submission.
  • Ability to utilize the available resources, meeting the coordinators & software programmers and attending the sessions with the management.