A network analyst functions to maintain & develop the computer network system, secures the network arrangements properly and ensures the proper working of the server & workstation. Upgrading the connectivity of network devices, undertaking the new projects & working according to the management descriptions and monitoring the network connections are some of the major job duties of a network analyst. A network analyst should pose effective communication skills, experience of handling troubleshooting cases and excellent organizing qualities. Hence, a network analyst plays a vital role in meeting the network related requirements of an organization.

Network Analyst Job Specifications:

  • Brilliant interpersonal skills to communicate with the IT department, network administrator and quality control department, etc to analyze the existing network connections.
  • Ability to troubleshoot the malfunctioning of the networking devices, server, intranet connections and connecting peripherals for analyzing the existing problems.
  • Good leadership skills to motivate the team members, hiring the required employees and training them by organizing the educational seminars & workshop, etc within the department.
  • Supervising the network programs & hardware for timely inspection, confident to suggest the recommended diagnosis techniques and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Attending the meetings with the concerned departments for maintaining the analysis reports and discussing the authorization of a few people for using the intranet & internet connection.
  • Preparing the monthly reports based on the project progress and evaluating the performance of crew members & managing records for the same.
  • Sound knowledge of various available server types, work stations and telecommunication systems for updating the network connections.
  • Ensuring the network security, resolving the operational issues and installing the internet & hardware applications for upgrading the intranet management by connecting the concerned specialists.