Maintenance Manager Career Description

Firms need regular maintenance and repair to streamline their operations and run in a smooth and effective manner. This is the precise job of a maintenance manager. Candidates who want to become maintenance managers should have prior educational background in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc. Employers also expect the applicants to have a few years of job experience as a maintenance technician. A maintenance manager is responsible to recruit a team of maintenance technician, undertake regular maintenance and repair in the firm by coordinating with and communicating to various departments. They should review the performance of the employees under him and equip them with relevant skills. Maintenance managers should know the safety precautions that are to be adopted while maintaining the machinery and upgrading them. They should communicate the expectations with respect to safety standards to maintenance technicians also.

Maintenance Manager Job Career Description

  • A Maintenance manager should coordinate with different departments like production to undertake maintenance and repair.
  • While undertaking periodic maintenance, they should follow all quality assurance measures and comply with all safety standards.
  • Maintenance managers should work with the top management of the firm while planning to upgrading or expansions of a plant or the firm as a whole.
  • Maintenance managers should select able maintenance technicians and train them with all the technical skills to undertake the repair and maintenance work.
  • Maintenance managers should supervise the operations of the firm and conduct the performance appraisal of the employees working under him.

Maintenance Manager Career Salary

Candidates who want to become maintenance manager can find multiple opportunities to work in this career option in industries like hotel and hospitality management, apartment property management, food manufacturing industries, manufacturing and distribution companies, steel or metal manufacturing firms, etc. The salary estimates by National Salary data and released by Pay Scale suggests that the annual salary of a maintenance manager is between $32,000 and $91,000 with the median salary being $62,000 per year. Candidates are expected to possess at least 4-5 years of experience to become maintenance managers.