A marketing director is responsible for handling the overall marketing strategies of a company, supervises the activities of the marketing department and ensures the implementation of approved policies properly. Analyzing potential marketing procedures, conducting marketing research and proposing the favourable improvements in the existing marketing strategies are some of the major job duties of a marketing director. A marketing director should pose excellent communication skills, organizing abilities and experience of outlining required marketing policies. Therefore, a marketing director plays an essential role in benefiting the company by paying attention to the important marketing procedures.

Marketing Director Job Specifications:

  • Experience of drafting, developing and implementing the marketing procedures, facilitating & supporting the diverse policies and discussing the practical research methods with the management.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with the different concerned department and senior marketing officers for initiating the cost effective budget for conducting the online surveys & marketing campaigns.
  • Setting up the prospective marketing goals and objectives, defining the job duties of the marketing department and assigning the marketing targets to senior marketing employees.
  • Ability to prepare the impressive marketing presentations for defining the marketing strategies and suggesting the vital improvements in current marketing programs.
  • Knowledge of product segmentation and designing the marketing campaigns such as road shows, advertisements on print & electronic media by consulting the advertising director.
  • Excellent decision making & problem solving skills for minimizing the chances of failure of marketing procedures and responsibility of availing all the essential resources, etc.
  • Deriving the beneficial marketing plans by consulting the sales department and gathering the sufficient data.
  • Taking important decision of recruiting & firing the marketing staff members according to their performance.