A product marketing manager functions to conduct the outbound marketing activities, plan & executes the overall product life cycle and is responsible for prioritizing product according to the customer’s requirements. Developing the innovative marketing plans, demonstrating the product specification in an impressive manner and handling diverse product categories are some of the basic job duties of a product manager.  This job position should pose excellent interpersonal skills, knowledge of demand generation of the product and taking care of customer requirements as per the product vision.  Therefore, a product manager plays an essential role in developing and placing the product at the desired outlets.

Product marketing manager job specifications:

  • Good communication skills to convey and understand the product marketing requirements by considering the different product cases.
  • Ability to analyze the procedures of current product development policies, output of the marketing campaigns and customer satisfaction level.
  • Impressive decision making skills to promote the new product strategies, making presentations to demonstrate the recorded growth and designing the standard marketing proposals & sales scripts.
  • Knowledge of introducing the product on online & offline channels, ensuring the product placement at leading retail outlet, shopping malls and wholesaler outlets, etc.
  • Confidence to consider the innovative unique marketing & sales scenarios for sharing the product recommendations with the other departments & with the management.
  • Experience of working with the print & electronic media for advertising the product and planning the marketing programs to target the desired audiences.
  • Ability to oversee the performance of the product marketing team, recruiting the required employees and arranging for their training.