A medical office manager is responsible for taking care of health care facilities, functions to guide & organize all essential services and ensures the timely maintenance of the overall medical department. Efficacious manner to communicate with the patients, organizing for the necessary material for implementing proper sanitation standards and updating the senior officer with encountered problems are some of the major job duties of a medical office manager. This job designation should pose good interpersonal skills, experience of handling healthcare procedures and knowledge of supervising the regular working process. Therefore, a medical office manager is an important job position, which benefits the healthcare institution or a hospital by paying attention to the routine maintenance operations.

Medical Office Manager Job Specifications:

  • Good knowledge of scheduling and overseeing the routine activities of the medical office staff and ability to issue the necessary orders for implementing the cleanness and hygiene standards in the office.
  • Effective communication skills to deal with the other medical departments, staff and capability to guide the patients calmly & properly by answering the bill & management related queries.
  • Experience of preparing & checking the printed invoices, knowledge of working on ERP system and investigating the insurance claims submitted by the hospital insurance department.
  • Excellent supervisory skills for inspecting the imported supply material, responding to the insurance companies, submitting the invoice statements and coordinating with the medical transcriptionists, etc.
  • Attending the monthly meetings with the senior officer, discussing the pending payment related issues, sharing the complaint issues raised by the patients and submission of required timely reports, etc.
  • Ability to check the time scheduling related issues reported by the physicians and other staff member.