A doctor is responsible for evaluating the symptoms of the health problems, refers the patient for further diagnosis, recommends the suitable medicines & treatment as per the results of the biological inspection and suggests the precaution measures according to patient’s history. Ability to organize & issue the direction for conducting the physical investigation, keeping the record history of the patients and putting a request for the latest drug stock are some of the major job duties of a doctor. A doctor should pose excellent interpersonal skills, good knowledge of medicines& available treatments, and confidence to handle the serious patient cases. Hence, a doctor plays an important role in the growth of a healthcare institution by keeping the patients fit & fine.

Doctor Job Specifications:

  • Good communication skills and knowledge of the local language for investigating the patients by listening to their health issues and ability to counsel them by demonstrating the level & causes of the disease.
  • Knowledge of the existing disease, infections and the latest broke out health hazards, experience of using the various medical investigation techniques utilizing the skills to find the symptoms of the sickness.
  • Directing the ill patient for some medical diagnose such as X-Ray, EUSE & ECG, etc for evaluating the current sickness level.
  • Knowledge of newly introduced medicines and writing the prescription to cure the disease along with the precaution measures to nip the illness forever.
  • Maintain the record histories of the patients for further case investigations.
  • Estimating the routine performance of the staff and submitting reports regarding the same to the senior most officers.