A medical technologist functions to analyze the submitted biological samples by conducting chemical tests, prepares the required examination reports based on the results and is responsible for managing & arranging the pathology laboratory. Conducting the various types of laboratory tests, guiding the patient to submit the required genetic sample and performing the examination by using heat, filter & reagent techniques are some of the basic job duties of a medical technologist. This job position should pose effective interpersonal skills, ability to perform the bacteriological & microscopic tests and experience of dealing with the concerned departments.  Therefore, a medical technologist plays a vital role in completing the recommended biological tests by following the certain medical standards.

Medical Technologist Job Specifications:

  • Effective communication skills to deal with the patients, laboratory staff and other departments in order to complete & submit the examination reports.
  • Good knowledge of various biological procedures and tests to complete the requested medical analysis.
  • Aptitude to guide the patient to provide the specimen as recommended by the physician, evaluating the time limit and issuing the date of report delivery.
  • Sound knowledge of various chemical formulations, procedures and microbiological & bacteriological process to conduct the medical tests.
  • Ability to organize the required reports and preparing the documentation by mentioning the details of medical experiments.
  • As a laboratory in- charge guiding the trainees, inspecting the test results and ensuring if the report results are accurate.
  • Maintain the required laboratory supply by coordinating with the concerned department by putting a request of finished chemicals, apparatus and tools, etc.