Nurse Job Duties

Nurses who have taken a one year post high school vocational course for a licensed practice nurse (LVN) position arte just as much in demand as registered nurses who have finished the 4-year degree nursing course and passed the NCLEX.  They are often assigned as apprentice assistance of nurses and are responsible for routine nursing tasks that don’t require the discerning judgment from fully registered nurses.

Job Duties

  • Assist the nurse in preparing the patient for diagnostic procedures and outpatient treatment procedures often confined to ensuring that the patient undergoes a hygienic process prior to the treatment.
  • Sterilize surgical and diagnostic instruments in preparation for physician’s use for each outpatient to be treated.
  • Accept work shifts outside of regular office hours to support a hospital’s 24-hour operational requirements.
  • Administer routine lab testing under supervision of laboratory nurses.
  • Draw blood or extract body fluids as routine specimen collection for lab testing required in diagnosis of diseases.
  • Continue taking course studies to keep abreast with nursing trends and developments as well as prepare for graduating from a 4-year nursing courses.
  • Administer routine prescriptive medication to convalescing post surgery patients.
  • Establish and maintain effective communication and convivial relationships with patients to ensure seamless treatment.
  • Perform tasks as directed by a registered nurse to assist her in any prescribed work in attending to health care, medication and surgical procedures.
  • Provide nurses with thorough and detailed patient condition and progress if any for a complete profile that doctors can have on their next visit.