Pediatrician Job Duties

A pediatrician is a medical doctor specialized in the health care, diagnosis and treatment of ailments in children from birth through adolescence.  He or she is focused on ensuring that kids grow up healthy into adulthood by treating infections, chronic diseases and injuries to children who require a different set of medical attention than adults.  The position calls for work in private health care clinics often in private practice but is also found in pediatric care sections of large hospitals.

Job Duties

  • Diagnose ailments in children and prescribe the proper medication or initiate the required therapies for treating any disorder or disease.
  • Direct patients to other medical experts when specialized care is needed such as ophthalmologists, cardiologists, oncologists who have expertise in treating children.
  • Counsel and guide parents or guardians of children regarding proper nutrition and activities when treating disorders, diseases, hygiene problems and other health complications.
  • Record and maintain patient medical history including previous health conditions and treatment as well as historic laboratory test results.
  • Explain and enlighten parents and guardians as well as children who can understand the intricacies of medical procedures they will need to undertake in any therapy.
  • Coordinate or participate in clinical research for better diagnosis and treatment of children’s diseases.
  • Plan and carry our health care programs in coordination with community leaders or government social workers in addressing children’s medical needs in depressed rural areas.
  • Administer the required vaccination to prevent ailments in kids and teens.
  • Dictate and administer therapies to patient children suffering from ailments, health complications as well as treating congenital growth problems.
  • Coordinate with child psychologists and psychiatrists in treating behavioral problems in children.