A sales director is responsible for the overall growth the sales department, functions to draft & executes the effective sales policies and ensures the implementation of the approved sales code & conducts. Overseeing the functioning of the overall sales department, managing the essential supplies & facilities and distributing the sales targets are some of the important job duties of a sales director.  This job position should pose good interpersonal skills, organizational abilities and expertise to handle the diverse sales programs. Hence, a sales director plays a vital role in the growth of the sales department by contributing his endeavours.

Sales Director Job Specifications:

  • Experience of dealing with the potential buyers, corporate clients, managing the effective customer network for selling the goods at a large scale and maximizing the client relation channel for accomplishing the retail sale targets.
  • Knowledge of the latest sales policies, ability to modify the existing sales strategies, approving the effective sales models and communicating with the concerned departments such as marketing & accounts section for gathering the necessary data.
  • Managing the routine functioning of the sales department, overseeing the activities of regional sales managers, evaluating the available product stock and organizing the required training session for the sales crew members.
  • Setting the corporate sales objectives, assigning the monthly targets to all sales appointments and supervising the day- to– day performance for promoting & demoting the employees.
  • Planning, implementing and developing the essential sales programs for availing the opportunities and identifying the internal & external sales issues recorded by the customer service department.