A security job specification provides a complete summary of all the job duties and responsibilities needed for performing a job in a security field.  After reviewing a security job specification, a job seeker can decide about settling his career in the related security field. Such a job specification includes details about needed experience of working with a security firm, skills to understand the security procedures and ability to justify the offered security job duties. Therefore, a security job specification can be drafted uniquely according to the different job designations.

Types of security job specifications:

  • Security specialist job specification
  • Security administration job specification
  • Facility security job specification
  • Security director job specification, etc

Following suggested steps can make a security job specification more informative:

  • Figure out the essential attributes to be mentioned in a security job position by evaluating the available vacancy.
  • State the required security experience such as sound knowledge of implementing security policies, keeping secret records & documents, practice of handling risky situations & suggesting appropriate security measures, etc.
  • Mention the needed security skills such as good observation & effective conversation skills, ability to maintain the security unit, ability to coordinate with the security team, etc.
  • Point out, if any exceptional skills are required to qualify in a security job profile.

Network Security Manager Job Specification

Security Director Job Specification

Security Manager Job Specification