A sales manager works to develop & execute the overall sales strategies, directs the sales team for achieving the assigned targets and ensures the disciplinary conduct within the department.  Supervising the routine performance of the sales staff, maximizing the profitability of the department and organizing the training programs for the staff are some of the major job duties of a sales manager. A sales manager must pose good negotiation skills, effective organizing & customer handling abilities and experience of establishing diverse sales plans.  Hence, a sales manager is one of the important job positions, which generates the business by conducting the essential sales operations.

Sales Manager Job Specifications:

  • Experience of planning business strategies for generating high returns, ensuring the success of the assigned targets and ability to prepare the action policies for attaining the expected sales level.
  • Responsibility of performances evaluation, initiating & coordinating with the concerned departments such as sales & accounts sections for gathering the required data.
  • Knowledge of maintaining & updating the essential sales report formats, provides the timely feedback to management about the sold stock & functioning of the staff and ability to work on the competitive price policies.
  • Reviewing the routine sales reports, communicating with the marketing department for drafting the creative scripts and putting a requirement list for recruiting, training and firing the sales staff.
  • Effective leadership & motivational abilities for managing the sales staff and problem solving skills to handle the internal disputes within the department.
  • Attending the monthly meetings with the sales director and weekly meetings with the staff members and official meets with the corporate clients for achieving the maximum sales profits.