A social service case manager functions to manage the mental & health cases, ensures the anti- abuse treatments for patients, reviews the treatment plans and identifies the requirements for conducting the various trials. Researching low cost programs for assessing the needs of the children & patients, arranging the shelters and participating in the budget preparations for the social service department are some of the basic job responsibilities of a social service case manager.  This job position must pose excellent interpersonal skills, judging expertise and ability to organize the several interview & case study sessions.  Hence, a social service case manager is an important appointment, who helps the social service firms in case management.

Social Service Case Manager Specifications:

  • Ability to arrange the funds, organize the several fund raising programs and dividing the gathered amount to complete the routine requirements and necessary clothing & shelter arrangements for the needy patients.
  • Experience of evaluating the behavioural, mental and individual reaction of the children and elder people, arranging quality health care services for them and preparing the documentation for the same.
  • Knowledge of preparing the small quarterly budgets & annual financial plans, aptitude to work in the field for meeting interested high profile people for requesting monetary aids and working to achieve the satisfaction of the patients.
  • Supersizing the routine workout plans of the social service department, performance of the staff and motivational ability to perform them better.
  • Understanding of the current legal norms and codes for managing the case management and arranging the protection programs for the mentally disabled patients.
  • Problem solving skills to handle the disputes and internal issues.