A family counsellor is responsible for resolving the family issues, enquiring the exact reasons behind the family disputes and suggesting the effective remedial measure to help the family member or an individual. Scheduling the meeting programs with the clients, friendly behaviour to understand the nature of issues and arranging for the therapy sessions & medical treatments are some of the important job duties of a family counsellor. This job position should pose effective interpersonal & understanding skills, ability to handle the crucial cases and expertise to sort out the sentimental issues. Therefore, a family counsellor plays an important role to handle the unwanted stress and provides the emotional aid to the upset families.

Family Counselor Job Specifications:

  • Counselling the unsatisfactory relationships, child rearing, home management and separation & divorce issues.
  • Experience of studying the received family case histories, collecting the necessary information about the clients and attending meetings with the family members or individuals for forming the counsellor- client relationship.
  • Knowledge of putting trial sessions for diagnosing if any kind of family disputes is related with certain sentimental & emotional disorders, preparing the accurate documentation and referring the patient to the concerned doctor if any symptom of the physical & mental problem is found.
  • Contacting all family members for taking the feedback about each other, applying the counselling techniques and evaluating the condition of the client by revising up daily family schedule.
  • Ability to record the progress of case, recommending the beneficial activities and pre- treatment anti- stress plans for improving the current condition.
  • Supervising the activities of the team members for maintaining the performance reports.