A mental health social worker is responsible for attending the client suffering mental illness, organizing the different meeting schedules with the person & with his family members and evaluating the reason behind the sentimental problems. Asking necessary questions & recording the reaction of the client, identifying the weakness & critical problems associated with the mental illness and executing the patient for the further treatment are some of the key job duties of a mental health social worker. This job position should pose good communication skills, patience to assess the patients and experience of handling serious case histories. Therefore, a mental health worker provides great support to the mentally ill person by looking into his problem.

Mental health social worker job specifications:

  • Ability to conduct the effective interview sessions with the patient & with his/ her family, critical thinking & good writing skills to understand & to prepare the case history of the patient and evaluating the patient’s behaviour during conversational trails.
  • Good knowledge of available therapies to calm down the patient, recommending the mild medicines for taking care of health and conducting the mental health remedy trials to benefit the sufferer.
  • Planning, developing & executing the essential programs for preventing the patient from mental abuse and social conflicts.
  • Experience of changing the treatments as per the improvement in the mental health, recording the notes for the same and discussing the possible treatments with the doctors, physicians & counsellors.
  • Understanding and monitoring the conducted treatment schedules for achieving the goals.