Website manager Career Description

A website manager is responsible to manage all the activities to develop the website of a firm. The main job responsibilities include developing the website content, look and feel of the website, inserting advertisements, and attractive features on the website so that it attracts maximum eye balls. They should develop a website that can compete with competitive websites, involve the viewers, their views, and feedback, etc. A website manager should recruit a team of expert professionals to develop various aspects of the website like content development, marketing, upgrading, and periodically update the contents. Candidates who want to become website managers should have the relevant computer knowledge like HTML etc and should keep up to date with changes in the market and the firm to continuously update them on the website.

Website manager Job Career Description

  • A website manager is responsible to maintain the brand image of the firm through management of a website for the firm.
  • The website manager should select a team of able professionals who can develop the content on the website, develop the background script, look out for advertisements, develop the pricing of advertisements to be published in various segments of the website, market the website through various internet marketing techniques, etc.
  • Website managers should also be able to detect number of viewers who are viewing the site, performance of the website through incorporating feedback collection mechanisms, etc.
  • The website manager should review the performance of the staff working to develop the website and appropriately incentivise them.

Website manager Career Salary

Candidates who want to become website manager can find immense opportunities if he has all the relevant skills. Internet is ubiquitous and business without web is unimaginable. Job opportunities are present in any sector of business like marketing, media, health care, IT, banking, finance, insurance, etc. Candidates should have all the relevant computer languages knowledge that is used in website designing and managing. According to the salary estimates by the National Salary Data, the annual compensation of a website manager is between $31,000 and $102,000 with the median salary being $75,000 per year approximately.