Asset Disposal Manager Job Profile and Description

Not every asset in the books with zero book values is worthless. Some are revalued while the rest are disposed of at fair market prices or remaining surplus values.  For large companies with a large inventory of productive assets, disposing of zero book value assets can be a full-time profession dealing with 3rd party buyers interested in acquiring second-hand or recyclable goods.  These goods can be anywhere from old abandoned buildings, outdated manufacturing machines to a fleet of executive cars and delivery vans to office equipment like PCs and typewriters. Their proper disposal is the responsibility of the Asset Disposal Manager tasked to monetize the disposal of assets that can form part of miscellaneous income for the company.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitor corporate asset accounts and verify that productive equipment remain useful despite reaching zero-book values.
  • Verify that de-commissioned equipment are past zero book valuation or are certified by authorized technicians as uneconomical to repair before scheduling for disposal
  • Maintain business partnerships with accredited 3rd party buyers of assets for disposal.
  • Arrange and schedule bidding of surplus supplies and equipment as required
  • Document and journalize all disposed assets
  • Receive and process authorization for unsold merchandize items of discount bulk disposal
  • Prepare monthly asset disposal reports to higher management

Skills and Specifications

  • Must have a firm grasp on local and federal tax and inheritance tax laws
  • Must have strong organizational, supervisory and managerial competence to handle a team of estate planers and managers in a department
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills to interact with corporate executives at all levels and with clients
  • Must exhibit strong time management and people management skills.

Education and Qualifications

At the minimum, a course in accounting or business management is a must while degree is an advantage.  A 2-3 year experience in a related asset disposal or asset accounting experience in another company is an advantage. Computer literacy with spreadsheets and word processing is basic and a working familiarity with automated accounting systems or ERPs is an edge.