VP – Corporate Loan Accounts Job Profile and Description

Banks and investment houses with a large financial loan portfolio for companies in various industries assign the management of corporate accounts to an executive position for the simple reason that they need a person of authority in representing the bank when talking to heads or CFOs of corporations and even finance ministers of countries negotiating for loans or syndicating loans with other banks.  The VP-Corporate Loan Accounts takes care of this responsibility to ensure that the company gets the best deal in any loan grant or syndication.

VP – Corporate Loan Accounts Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain a mutually rewarding relationship with executive counterparts of corporations, banks, financial institutions as well relevant government ministers, secretaries or commissioners in the finance sector.
  • Entertain client counterparts through regular friendly tennis matches and golfing sports as well as develop a presence in community and national associations in the industries served.
  • Provide executive oversight to corporate loan managers who process the paper trail for corporate and syndicated loan applications to ensure they comply with corporate policies and procedures.
  • Conduct the final interviews of the department manager applicants and approve all personnel movement within the department.
  • Discipline and fire erring department staff as the case warrants.

VP – Corporate Loan Accounts Skills and Specification

  • Must have a working knowledge in the finance modules of ERP systems
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, diplomatic and negotiation skills.
  • Superior organizational, leadership and managerial skills


VP – Corporate Loan Accounts Education and Qualification

  • A master’s degree in accountancy or MBA with major in accounting is basic.
  • 12-15 years of experience in the banking sector plus another 10 years in an executive capacity for a financial institution is basic.

VP- Corporate Loan Accounts Salary

The annual salary of a VP-Corporate Loan Account generally varies depending on the extent and value of loans the company is exposed to.  Typically, the VP earns an annual average of about $95,200 in a small suburban bank with loans totaling millions of dollars to a high of $200,000 for a city creditor or with loam exposures in the hundreds of millions of dollars and above.   This does not include executive perks which vary depending on the employer.