Certified Financial Planner Job Profile and Description


As the name of the job suggests, a certified financial planner should possess a reputed financial body to do the financial planning. A certified financial planner can get a job in various types of financial institution like insurance, mutual fund, equity broker and banks also; and there they have to do the financial planning of the clients of that organization.


Certified Financial Planner Duties and Responsibilities


  • The prime duty of a certified financial planner to chalk out financial planning of individuals and business houses according to the unique need of the individuals or business houses.
  • A financial planner is responsible for the financial health of his clients.

Certified Financial Planner Skills and Specifications


  • A financial planner should possess great ability as far as finance is concern.
  • He or she should be well-versed in all the instruments available in the financial market, so that he or she can use those instruments effectively for his or her clients.
  • A certified financial planner should show his or her skills by creating wealth for his or her clients. He or she should help his or her clients to achieve their targets by taking minimum to minimum risk.

Certified Financial Planner Education and Qualification


  • There is no specific qualification required to be a certified financial planner. Even a person from science background can be a certified financial planner.
  • To be a certified financial planner, a person has to get qualified in any of the exams organized by the premier financial bodies.

Certified Financial Planner Salary


  • There is no problem at all in salary as far as the financial industry is concerned.
  • A financial planner can negotiate for salary with his or her employer according to his or her skills and experience. Salary is between $ 48,000 to $76,000.