Financial associate job profile and description


A financial associate assists the financial department in preparation of balance sheets, bookkeeping and all other financial matters. He assists in the process of decision making. It is a responsible position since a financial associate deals with clients and solves their company related financial problems. The financial associate performs multiple functions in an organization. A financial associate needs an experience of 0 to 3 years after graduation in order to get a good well-paying job.

Financial associate duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities involved in the job of a financial associate are given below.

  • Assisting the financial department in making decisions regarding mergers and takeovers and negotiating financial matters
  • Interpreting financial reports of the company and helping in financial forecasts
  • Assists in the formulation of investment strategies
  • Analyze financial terms and conditions during deals
  • Analyze financial situation of the company
  • Assists in formulating financial strategies
  • Oversees invoices, financial bills and statements
  • Responsible for active client-business interface
  • Providing financial assistant to customers on phone and mails
  • Fulfilling all the financial requirements of customers

Financial associate skills and specification

The skills and specifications required to build a successful financial associate career are mentioned below.

  • Keen eye for detail
  • Ability to spot minor miscalculations in the financial report
  • Well versed with financial concepts
  • Profit and result oriented planning ability
  • Creativity and innovation in preparing financial reports
  • An alert mind

Financial associate education and qualifications

The educational qualifications required by a financial associate are listed below.

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting
  • Undergraduate diploma or degree in business administration, mathematics, statistics and accounting
  • Knowledge in law and legal matters

Financial associate salary


The salary of a financial associate increases with every year of experience. The median annual salary of a financial associate is $57,694. The salary ranges between $50,000 to $71,103.