Treasury Professional Job Profile and Description

A treasury professional is directly accountable to VP and Chief Treasurer and he or she takes care of all the functional area of the treasury. He or she has to take care of areas like tax, payables, accounting, audit and receivables. A treasury professional should be an analytical person with strong communication skill. A treasury professional has to manage all the cash of the treasury; including wires, cash concentration, and funding account.

Treasury Professional Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • He or she has to ensure the short-term capital needs by maintaining healthy liquidity.
  • A treasury professional has to manage inter-company lending, inter-company cash, capital injections and dividends.

Treasury Professional Job Skills and Specifications

  • He or she should possess the ability to manage daily disbursement of cash to the traders.
  • He or she should also possess the ability to manage international and domestic cash flows.
  • A treasury professional also has to have the ability to manage hedging activity and daily positions.
  • He or she should have the ability to take care of leasing analysis and pricing.
  • He or she should have managerial quality, so that he or she could supervise clerical employees.

Treasury Professional Job Qualification and Education

  • If you want to apply for a treasury professional, then you should possess a master degree in business administration. If that degree with finance specialization, then that is better.
  • You should have prior experience in working in a treasury; that is very much required.

Treasury Professional Job Salary

  • As a treasury professional, your salary will heavily depend upon your skills and past experience. If you have long experience, then you are going to get a hefty pay pack for sure.
  • The salary of a treasury professional comes in a range of $5000 – $6000.