VP-Venture Capital Management Job Profile and Description

The VP for Venture Capital provides the functional and departmental leadership and direction for a team of venture capital managers, analysts and officers who are tasked with identifying, evaluating and recommending investments in new enterprises with promising financial rewards looking forwards.  The position represents the company in meeting with other counterparts of fledgling companies in need of financial muscle for growth or expansion.  They also approve investments in developing businesses around promising technological discoveries and applications.

VP-Venture Capital Management Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop the minimum acceptance criteria in the evaluation of new enterprises for capital augmentation, stock transfers and loan for stock swaps.
  • Develop the implementing guidelines in the identification, prospecting, evaluation, processing and investment procedures
  • Oversee a team of venture capital managers and analysts to ensure they perform their duties and responsibilities in accordance with approved investment standards.
  • Provide regular reporting with executive staff on the performance of the company’s capitalization portfolio.
  • Conduct and preside over meetings on strategies behind venture capital expansion and enhancement of their performance.
  • Coordinate with HR in the hiring and firing of management and staff of the department.

VP-Venture Capital Management Skills and Specification

  • Must have excellent organizational, supervisory and managerial skills
  • Must have excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skills
  • A good network of entrepreneurial colleagues is an advantage


VP-Venture Capital Management and Qualification

  • A college degree in finance or business administration is basic
  • An MBM. MBA is preferred
  • At least 15 -18 years of experience in finance management with the last 5 years in venture capital administration.


VP-Venture Capital Management Salary

The average annual salary of a VP for Venture Capital  Management is in line with most finance executive positions and varies depending on the extent venture capital portfolio, state, and holder‘s qualification.  In general, a VP for Capital Venture Management can reach up to $200.000 in annual salaries excluding bonuses and perks.