Mortgage Accounts Manager Job Profile and Description

In a large bank with a portfolio of various loan products, the Mortgage Accounts Manager is assigned to oversee the proper processing and disbursement of loans collateralized with homes and real properties within the specified communities served by the bank. Supervising a team of mortgage loan officers who effectively market the bank’s collateralized loan products, the Mortgage Accounts Manager ensures that its loan exposures to households reach annual targets and remain in a healthy competitive condition with prompt servicing.

Mortgage Accounts Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Implement the corporate policies and service standards, interest charges, surcharges collateral requirements and loan products and schedules as approved by executives of the bank.
  • Supervise the various mortgage lending officers to perform their duties and responsibilities as expected of them.
  • Meet and discuss with bank clients their mortgage options and assist them in their loan applications and processing hurdles as applicable.
  • Maintain 3rd party collection agents for defaulted loans and confer with bank’s legal office for customers on the brink of personal bankruptcy filing. To get approval for loan restructuring offers.
  • Keep abreast with real estate and home values in the community by checking with market appraisers, real estate agents and local surveyors.

Mortgage Accounts Manager Skills and Specification

  • Must have sufficient computational skills and working knowledge of asset management modules of an ERP systems
  • Excellent communication, diplomatic and negotiation skills.
  • Excellent organizational, leadership, supervisory and managerial skills


Mortgage Accounts Manager Education and Qualification

  • A BA degree in accounting, business administration or finance is basic with at least 10 years in the loan disbursement functions is basic.
  • MBA or master’s degree in accounting or financial management is an advantage.

Mortgage Accounts Manager Salary

The annual salary of a Mortgage Accounts Manager varies between banks depending on the value of its loan portfolio and exposures. In general, a Mortgage Accounts Manager can earn between $43,500 and $73,300 annually and may include  executive perks and bonuses.