Assistant office manager job description and profile

The primary profile for assistant office managers are including providing supporting capabilities to the managers and other staff members in an office. Their job description includes a large variety of tasks that require communication and organizational skills. The job profile of assistant office managers includes industry or employer specific duties. The assistant office manager supports office operations by maintaining the budgets, facilities, records, equipment, and building services. In addition, he or she is responsible for completion of any special projects in a timely manner with high quality standards. The assistant office manager completes all his or her duties while adhering to the internal policies and procedures.

Assistant office manager duties and responsibilities

  • Preparing and monitoring budgets through financial information gathering
  • Planning space allocations, floor moves, and maintaining
  • Developing procedures for record keeping, retrieving the information, and disposing information that is not required
  • Organizing office files accurately
  • Tracking and ordering general office supplies
  • Sorting and distributing mails
  • Arranging travel plans for top management
  • Scheduling and managing appointments
  • Scanning and copying documents
  • Inter-office communication

Assistant office manager education, training, and qualifications

The educational requirements for assistant office managers differ from one organization to another. For employers that offer an entry-level assistant office manager opportunity require high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. Some employers may require associate degrees from community colleges. These degrees provide training in office management and administration. Additional programs provide specialized training, such as legal or medical assistant jobs. Most of the employers prefer to hire individuals with some relevant work experience in an office setup.

Assistant office manager degrees, courses, and certification

A high school diploma is often sufficient to procure an entry-level assistant office manager job. For individuals aspiring for higher positions must complete a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Completing courses that focus on imparting marketing, business, and administration skills are beneficial. For individuals seeking to develop expertise in a specific industry, they must complete courses that provide specialized knowledge on the chosen sector. These include certifications from International Association of Administrative Professionals, Legal Secretaries Inc., National Association of Legal Secretaries, or International Virtual Assistants Association.

Assistant office manager skills and specifications

  • Time management and appointment scheduling
  • Organizing files and maintaining accurate and updated documents
  • Writing reports
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Basic computer and math capabilities
  • Follow instructions of the top management
  • Communication skills for internal and external customers

Assistant office manager salary

Salaries of assistant office managers vary from one industry to another industry. However, the national average earnings are between $30000 and $47000 per year.