Business office supervisor job description and profile

Business office supervisors are hired by large organizations that employ a huge number of office employees. The primary profile of a business office supervisor is to oversee the performance of other employees, task assignments, and establishing deadlines. Additional job description includes billing, collections, making entries in the company’s database, and reconciliation of balances. The primary responsibility of the business office supervisor is to ensure that the junior staff completes their work within the set timelines with a high quality output. Developing a plan of action, implementing, and supervising the work is the most important part of a business office supervisor’s job description.

Business office supervisor duties and responsibilities

  • Instructing and overseeing the performance of junior office employees
  • Developing work schedules and assigning the tasks to other staff members
  • Ensuring that the assignments are completed on time and following the prescribed instructions
  • Motivating and training junior staff employees creatively
  • Monitoring the progress of the other office employees
  • Investigating and addressing complaints received from the clients
  • Auditing the operations to ensure that the work is compliant to the guidelines provided
  • Identifying problems and variances, and addressing these issues

Business office supervisor education, training, and qualifications

Most of the employers require their business office supervisors to hold an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree. Some employers may promote individuals without secondary degrees from within the organization as an appreciation of their skills and hard work. Training in business, office, or similar administration with relevant work experience increases the available opportunities for individuals. Additional qualifications in time and project management, and interpersonal skills are recommended.

Business office supervisor degrees, courses, and certification

An associate degree from a community college or a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is required by most employers. Further courses that provide certification in business and office administration are useful. Gaining certification through courses in time management, people management, and project management improves the number of opportunities available as business office supervisors. Planning, implementation, and variance analysis training is beneficial to individuals seeking a career in this field.

Business office supervisor skills and specifications

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication capabilities
  • Ability to plan, schedule, and delegate work
  • Office and business administrative skills
  • Ability to address and manage client dissatisfaction
  • Assuming responsibility of timely completion of assigned tasks

Business office supervisor salary

The median salary earned by a business office supervisor is approximately $48000 per annum.